Lodging and Travel

Lodging and Travel

International participants can usually get the lowest rate for an all-inclusive package with flight (direct to Holguín) and hotel at the three-star Club Amigo Atlántico in Guardalavaca, the venue of WEFLA 2017 (or the nearby four-star Brisas Guardalavaca) by booking through a travel agent outside of Cuba. These vacation packages usually are for a one-week stay and include transportation from and to the airport.

If you are not booking your hotel along with your flight, you can book your room through Agencia de Viajes Cubanacán, the Cuban travel agency that is catering our conference.

For more information about lodging and transportation, please contact:
Luis Ernesto Millán Verdecia
Tel.: (5324) 462823 / 480715
Email: lmillan@ict.uho.edu.cu


Money in Cuba

International visitors pay for most things in Cuba using convertible Cuban pesos (CUC), which are exchanged within Cuba with hard currencies such as the euro, the pound sterling and the Canadian dollar at a rate on par with the US dollar.

US dollars no longer circulate in Cuba, and they are exchanged with an extra commission of 10%. It is therefore advisable to bring any cash you intend to bring with you in other currencies (Canadian dollars, euros, pounds sterling). It is advisable to bring new bills, in good condition. Cuban pesos cannot be obtained outside of Cuba, but you will find an exchange bureau at the airport and in the hotel. In addition, currency exchanges are available at several banks and CADECAS (Casas de cambio, exchange offices) in the city of Holguín. The other currency that circulates in Cuba, the Cuban peso (moneda nacional, national currency) is not frequently used by international visitors.

Visa credit cards and travelers’ cheques can be used to obtain cash at banks and currency exchange offices. Please note, however, that credit cards and travelers’ cheques issued by financial institutions based in the United States (e.g. American Express, Citibank) cannot be used in Cuba. Mastercard, for example, will not be accepted if issued by a US bank.


Travel to Holguin

For people traveling to Cuba for the first time, the Lonely Planet guide is an excellent source of general information.

Direct charter flights to the Holguín Frank País International Airport are available from major cities in Canada and Western Europe. Ask your travel agent for details, as schedules are often subject to changes.

If it is not possible to get a convenient direct flight to Holguín, it will be necessary to fly to Havana and then travel to Holguín from there. Daily flights between Havana and Holguín are operated by Cubana de Aviación and Aerocaribbean. Trains and buses (coach) traveling between Havana and Holguín is possible, but the trip is long and the buses do not always operate on a daily basis. An overnight stay in Havana might be necessary if you are not flying directly to Holguín.

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